Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blog Assignment 11

cartoon says to blog or not to blog

I want to start off by saying that Ms. Cassidy is wonderful. I am sure that it takes a lot of patience to teach this kind of technology to a first grade class. While watching the video it is obvious that her students are very enthusiastic about working on their blogs and learning all about using technology. She mentioned in her interview that instead of writing on paper and turning the paper in to her they use their blog. I think that this is great. The students know that their post will be seen by many other students and bloggers this will encourage them to do well on their writing and it makes it more fun or them. The students also have the opportunity to talk with other classes through skype in their classroom, students their age and in college that have been reading their blog. I believe that skype is a great tool to be used in the class. It makes learning exciting for the students, to be able to get to know the people that comment on their blog and to share ideas. Another very important aspect of teaching students technology such as this is that they must know the importance of safety on the internet. Ms. Cassidy’s class seemed to be very aware of the rules to be followed while using the internet.

When I do get my own classroom I would like to start a classroom blog like Ms. Cassidy’s. I will be teaching at the middle school level in history. It would be beneficial to the students to be able to communicate with other history classes that also have blogs. They could even skype with these other classes and share new information that they have learned in class. I have also thought about having my class do different projects and then have them present their projects on skype, with the other class being the audience, and also posting it on the class blog. This would encourage the students to do well since they will be preparing these projects for many people to see. The possibilities are really endless. As Ms. Cassidy said, she is always looking to “push the envelope”.


  1. These Kids in Ms. Cassidy's video are awesome! I just watched the video again and I am still amazed at what these students are doing. I too see that these students are very enthused about blogging and just technology in general. I know now that I really want my high school students to use technology as much as I do, because if these students can do it, shouldn't my high school students do it?

    Good post Lucinda,

    Stephen Akins

  2. "When I do get my own classroom I would like to start a classroom blog like Ms. Cassidy’s." Do it!

  3. Lucinda,

    Weren't Ms. Cassidy's students impressive? I just couldn't believe my eyes. I was so excited to see all of the technology tools being used. I have been in so many classrooms where the computers and laptops were collecting dust in the corner. The thing is, the children of today know how to use these tools already. We need to be willing to offer the children opportunities to use them and then show them even more. It is our job to take what is given to us in the classroom and utilize it!

    I'm excited about everything I have learned in EDM 310 and I can't wait to apply it in my classroom. I, like you, will also start a class blog whenever the time comes. The opportunities are endless and I"m glad that we've been given the opportunity to encourage each other.

    Great post!

    Deana Nunn