Friday, July 15, 2011

C4T 4

Mr. Burrows uses his blog to display all of the different art pieces that are done by his students. The first post that I read and viewed was one where he posted many sculptures that his class had done. They were instructed to research a mythical creature of their choice and then make it into a clay sculpture. This was only the second time that most of these students had used this type of clay before.

I was very impressed by the work that his students had created. His students are probably very proud to have their work displayed in such a way. Have their work chosen by the teacher have it posted to his blog would be an honor. I think that when teachers offer this type of reward to the class then the students tend to work harder to make their work stand out so that they will be the ones being recognized. This is a wonderful concept to be used in all classrooms. Not only will students work harder but they will do their best work since it will be displayed for the public to see.

Mr. Burrows also posted some oil pastels pieces with some collages added in for extra color. He mentioned that this was the first time these students had worked with oil pastels. There were also some pieces done by another class using surrealism. This, he said, was a little difficult for the students to grasp, but they ended up doing a great job.

I have worked with oil pastels before and it isn't easy. He also gave them instruction to add collage into their drawings. They were all beautiful. You can tell by looking at Mr. Burrow's blog that his students really enjoy his class. They get to work on a project and then enjoy the finished product, much like EDM310. I think that this is the reason why I enjoy EDM so much. When you put so much effort into something it is always a plus to be able to enjoy what you have created.

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