Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blog Assignment 14

iphone saying hello world

I chose to do the “e-media fast” for blog post 14. It wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I was with my family in Destin on vacation so I thought that it would be great time to try and focus more on my family and less on my cell phone and laptop. The hardest part was not being able to use my iPhone. I realized that I use my iPhone for absolutely everything. I had never noticed how much I rely on my phone for all sorts of information. I kept wanting to grab my phone to check the weather, my email, Facebook, or just Google something. I can’t remember the days when I couldn’t just Google something and find out anything about a topic in a second.

Another difficult part was the lack of entertainment. I really had to keep myself entertained so that I didn’t sit down and watch television or get on my laptop. My family helped out a lot and being in Destin didn’t hurt either. We tried to stay busy doing things outside, but it was raining the entire time so that was pretty difficult. After doing this experiment I realized how much we rely on technology these days. Our society is based on using technology, whether it is for directions, news, communication, or entertainment. I really appreciate my iPhone and laptop much more now.

I think that this is great experiment to do with the students in my own classroom. They will realize how much they count on technology for everyday things and school work. I can’t even remember the days when I couldn’t get online and a search a topic and have tons of information in seconds. We use technology so often that it has become more of a basic thing to have rather than a convenience and we forget what an immense convenience it is.  

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  1. Now we are at 7 fasters. You are unique so far - the only one who said it wasn't as hard as expected. But nobody else went to Destin with their family. I'll post a full report on the Class Blog.

    I think I'll make this a requirement next semester. Well done. And Congratulations!