Sunday, July 3, 2011

C4T 3


Mr. Miranda posted a video on his blog from a 70's sitcom about a young man who wanted to drop out of school. There was a teacher who made a bet with him that if he could teach him about the atom in two minutes then the student had to stay in school. He uses gang metaphors in order to teach the lesson. The young man recites the information correctly back to the teacher, he did it. Mr. Miranda believes that this technique of creative teaching is not effective. I agree and disagree. I think that this method of teaching can be effective with some students, as is with any method. All students learn differently. For example, I learn my doing things which is why I feel that I have learned so much in EDM 310.

In another post by Mr. Miranda he explains that students in college today are there to get a good job and not to enrich their minds. The certification received after graduated assures employers that this person knows how to follow direction and knows how to please authority figures. I agree with him. Most of my classes consist of attending lectures, memorizing facts, and then taking a Scantron test. After completing the test most of the information I have memorized goes right out the window. I believe in order to learn one must experience, and that is what we have done in EDM 310. I can say that I don't believe I have learned more in any other class. By doing projects and watching so many great videos I have learned that technology is much needed in the classroom and I have learned how to use it.

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