Monday, June 13, 2011

Blog Assignment 5

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1. The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom really shows the conveniences of using podcasting and vodcasting in schools. When I was a student at The University of Alabama I was out of school for over a week due to a knee injury. During that week, since I was unable to attend class, I was able to listen to a podcast for each of my classes. This allowed me to stay up to date on lectures and note taking. Once I was able to go back to class I was fully prepared to the exams and didn't feel behind.
Students really get stressed out about missing school because they will then get behind and possibly miss a study guide needed for an upcoming test. This could be prevented if podcasting is used in the classroom. Also, students can use the podcast as a review before a test to refresh their memory before taking an exam. I liked how the sixth grade social studies teacher used the podcast. He had other teachers help him develop the podcast and they all read in character. He also added some sound affects. This is a good way to help students better understand a story and be more interested.

2. Judy Scharf Podcast Collection really has a lot of helpful information and videos on how to start your own podcast. In "What is a podcast?" she explains that you can watch it on your computer or on a MP3 player. Being able to listen to a lecture while running, driving or walking to class is such a great convenience. Also, students are able to share what they have learned and their ideas through the podcast. This could really be helpful to the other students in the classroom. Sometimes hearing information from a fellow students perspective can really help a student understand the content much better. 
Under "Tips to Succeed", number three says to allow to students to pick who they would like to work with on the podcast. I agree and disagree with this. I think that students should learn to get along with everyone in the class and allowing the students to choose groups could lead to some students being left out. This is a great project that could be used to learn the information need, but to also learn to work with others to reach the same goal. 

3. The Eagles' Nest Radio and Class Blog is great. I really enjoyed looking at their blog and listening to their podcast. I can really tell that they enjoy taking part in their blog and I'm sure they learn a lot throughout the process. It's amazing how professional the students are in articulating their words and using different sound effects. I think that this is a great tool to be used in all classrooms for students of all ages. These students will have a lot of the technological knowledge needed before entering college. I think that having that extra skill will go a long way. It will be one less thing they will have to worry about when they become a freshman in college. 
The way the these students do their podcast really catch your attention. It makes the topic more interesting than just sitting in your room and reading it from a book. This way students can go home, turn on their computer and listen to their podcast that they created and learn everything that they need to know on a subject. Also, on Mrs. E's blog, she has great tutorials and information that both the students and parents can use to study for test and stay caught up on lessons. 


  1. A podcast user! Wonderful.

    sound effects not affects.

    Interesting. I am looking forward to your podcast. I am certain you will make use of what you have learned from these exercises in your podcast.

  2. Cinda, you know from personal experience how valuable podcasting in the classroom can be! Thank you for sharing this relevant example.

    Something that we both feel strongly about, in regards to incorporating podcasting into the classroom, is incorporating creativity in order to engage the students. Recording a podcast of a chosen book, requires more than just reading the words; The speaker(s) must “get into character” to maintain interest, and learning. The example that Mr. Dale gave proved just that. I can still remember my 4th grade teacher reading the Little House on the Prairie series, in her flat, monotone voice. The characters never came to “life” as they were intended, and unfortunately, she bored a classroom of ten year olds beyond means.

    In your summary of Judy Scharf Podcast Collection, I highlighted three phrases that struck me, while running, hearing information from a fellow student’s perspective can help a student understand the content much better, and learn to work with others to reach the same goal. My responses are...What a great idea to listen to a meaningful podcast while running! So long playlist number 3! Without listening to others thoughts and ideas, we remain close-minded, only focused on what we believe, never opening ourselves up to at least explore options. By being able to, without prejudices, listen and absorbs others thoughts, ideas, and views on topics, we do learn how to successfully work together as a team. We are indeed working towards the same goal.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post!

  3. It seems you really understand the benefits of using podcasts in the classroom. That's great! Can't wait to see more of your work!