Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blog Assignment 8

Student at a computer

This is How We Dream Parts 1 and 2
1. In these videos Richard Miller gives many examples of how writing is changing with technology. He and his class had put together many different projects using these tools. These projects were enhanced with pictures and videos, which in my opinion makes reading about different topics much more entertaining. The possibilities are endless with this type of writing. Also, collaborating with others on the computer about these topics is something that was shown in the video. Having your work on the computer makes it much easier to share your ideas and work with others, whether it be to colleagues or friends.

There was an example of a documentary of whale killings. The article was enhanced with many pictures relating to this topic. If I were to read an article without the videos and pictures I would be much less moving. Actually seeing how such an event takes place really puts it into perspective for someone who had no knowledge on that particular topic. The amount of information that can be relayed through the different forms of multimedia is infinite. Using this technology to advance writing will ultimately result in a more captivated audience who will be more educated in the end.

Carly Pugh's Blog Post
2. Carly has done an outstanding job at creating a wonderful YouTube playlist. This a lot like what I pictured being done when I watched Richard Miller's videos. She has taken so many videos that are relevant to her topic and put them into an article that focuses on inspiration.

This is such a fantastic thing to do for your classroom. This would grasp the students attention and really keep them inspired. This really shows Carly's passion for teaching and wanting her students to be great. I believe the videos could be really influential to students, much more so than a piece of paper the says something along the lines of, "It is great to have you in my class and this is what I expect of you...". Students will respond to her devotion to teaching and her inspirational writing.

The Chipper Series  and EDM 310 for Dummies
3. These videos are really entertaining and informative for this class. I remember before starting this class all I heard were all of these horror stories about EDM 310 and how time consuming it is. I never really heard about all of the great things that you get to do in this class. In the "EDM 310 for Dummies" video the students in the video pointed out some really fun things that we have learned to do in this class. I would want to make a video on "The Good Side of EDM310". I would want discuss all of the fun things the students were assigned to do and also how rewarding this class is. I have created so many fun videos and a blog. I never thought that I would be able to do any of this and now after this class I will no longer be intimidated by technology.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn
4. This video is saying that teachers need to embrace this technology instead of running away from it and banning it from schools. The technology of today has the capabilities of enhancing a students learning experience and going above and beyond of any learning experience in the past. Students today are interested in learning about these tools and using Facebook, Twitter, Email, Texting, etc. Why not use these resources to teach? Why not embrace this new way of teaching?

Most teachers today are afraid of these technological advances because they themselves have never been exposed to them or learned about them. Going through EDM 310 has really changed my perspective on the educational process. We always hear, learning should be fun and exciting, well this is how we do just that. We use the technology that we have access to and use it in our classrooms and teach it to our students.


  1. Cinda,
    I really like your idea for your movie. I think that is an awesome idea to make a video about the fun things we do in EDM310. I heard all the same "horror stories" I'm sure, and it would have been great to hear more about all of the inspirational activities we get to do.

    I also thought that Carly's post was very creative and inspiring. It will mean more to our students to read something like that then just the same piece of paper all the teachers hand out. If I were her student I would immediately be "captivated" and interested in what her class will have to offer. Good Post!
    Caileigh McCulloch

  2. "I never really heard about all of the great things that you get to do in this class." I wonder why!

    " I would want to make a video on "The Good Side of EDM310"." Do it for project 16. It appears that Caileigh is ready to be a member of your group!

    "Going through EDM 310 has really changed my perspective on the educational process." Great!

    OK. Now do that video! It sounds like it would be just the thing for EDM310 to have!

    Thoughtful. Great idea.

  3. Cinda,

    I also thought Carly's You Tube playlist was a great idea. I watched all of her videos and some of them were very inspiring. I agree that this will keep her student's attention and help to motivated them more then pen and paper. Also Your idea of a movie discussing the fun things students get to do in EDM310 is a great idea. Even though the activities are time consuming, I have enjoyed learning how to create blogs and use different programs the internet has to offer.

    Krissy Mennicucci