Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Project 10

photo of symbaloo icon

I decided to use Symbaloo for my Personal Learning Network (PLN). I started using Symbaloo during the first week of class. I learn something new that this website can do everyday. Symbaloo makes my life so much more organized. I have organized all of my icons in categories, this really helps me navigate quickly and not have to type in a particular websites every time I have switch to a different page. I also like how there is a google search box right in the center. This comes in handy quite often. One aspect of Symbaloo that I really like is the New Highlights tab. There are many different pictures on this tab and if you just scroll over each with the mouse a brief description of that story pops up. The shopping tab is also fantastic. I am able to put all of the website that I use frequently under this tab. I pretty much never have to type in a website, I just go to my Symbaloo on my homepage.

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