Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Project 3

In A GeekyMomma's Blog by Lee Kolbert, she discusses what it is that makes someone a good teacher. She brings up the topic of comprehensive assessment in the classroom and how well students do on these assessments. Do the scored made really reflect what kind of teacher you are? I don't believe so. I think that if you are compassionate about what you are teaching and really care about your students and their success then that makes you a good teacher. Doing everything that you can as an educator in order to ensure the success of a student is was being a teacher is all about. Test scores should be the deciding factor as to whether or no someone qualifies as a good educator. There are other things that are much more important in the classroom. Making learning fun in the classroom is a great way to keep students interested and keep them participating in the classroom. This semester I have already learned many different forms of technology that can be used to keep students attention and help them want to learn.
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In another post by Lee Kolbert, she discusses different ways to continue learning through the summer. She really shares some great ideas such as attending a conference or using a Personal Learning Network (PLN). These are great ways to stay connected with other educators that are just as interested in improving their teaching skills as you are. There are many conferences that are offered throughout the summer. This makes it very convenient for teachers. Educators are able to attend these conferences and learn and share ideas on how to improve their classrooms from people who have already practiced these methods of teaching. Also, the PLN is a wonderful to stay in contact with many other educators and stay connected throughout the year. Lee Kolbert brings up some great topics in her blog and really has a lot of useful information to share. 

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